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Student Testimonials



"I'm back in Switzerland since a couple of weeks already. And I ordered all the equipment right after I came back. Now it will be finally delivered by tomorrow. Anyway, I can't wait to start practicing again.

I have to say that your training changed the way I'm thinking about my future. You showed me that it might be possible to start my own
business with hand engraving.

I want to thank you once again for these amazing five day's of engraving. Hope we keep in touch. And, who knows, I might come back one day for an advanced training :) "

Toby Stiftner - Basel, Switzerland


"I was lucky enough to be able to do two weeks private instruction with Sam Alfano in June 2014. During the two weeks we covered everything that I could possibly want to know to get me started engraving.  I now have a wide range of basic skills that I will be able to build upon, including: tool set-up, line engraving, lettering, border, flare cutting, bright cutting,  drawing, scroll work, relief engraving, sculpted engraving, lay outs, transfers and inlays. Not only was I privileged with Sam’s one on instruction for the two weeks, but Sam and his wife Abigail made me feel so comfortable and welcome in their beautiful home they really made the whole experience truly enjoyable. And to top it all off Sam makes the best coffee!! If you want to fast track your learning in engraving I highly recommend taking classes with Sam he is such a wealth of knowledge and so incredibly generous at sharing these skills."

Halina Kaufman
Tasmania, Australia

"I attended a week school at Sam Alfano's Engraving Studio in Covington, La. I will say it was the best thing I ever did. Sam turned things around for me and opened the door up to understanding the art of engraving. I would recemond Sam to anyone trying to learn the art of Engraving. Sam is a very easygoing gentleman and can present things in a very easy to understand method." John Temple, Tumbling Shoals, Ark.

"Sam lifts the bar so high it's mind blowing. The whole time I spent learning from him was one of the greatest privileges I've ever professionally had. His style is calm and gentle, and somehow he manages to maintain a positive attitude to us lesser mortals ( or at least lesser stage ;-) In any case, he is exceedingly generous with sharing as much as he does of his extraordinary skill set and knowledge.
It's interesting Sam was a musician, because he sure has those artistic beta waves flowing. I'm now a far better engraver because of Sams lifelong quest for mastery of the art. "

Victoria Buckley of Australia, jeweler, designer.

"Sam: When I showed up at your door on Monday, I could sharpen a graver, I could cut with a graver. Leaving here on Friday I feel like I AM an engraver. It's amazing what you were able to teach me in one week's time. I would like to thank you for your years of hard work, your perserverance in self-study, and your generosity with knowledge. With every cut I make goes some of your history and the history of others who taught you. Thank you."

Wayne Plumadore

"Your course was a big boost to my skill and confidence level. I
am now doing the engraving for about 20 local stores and looking to increase
that number. Everyone has been happy with the results and I know that I
still have lots of room for improvement."

Tom Currie

"I took Basic Engraving class in Antwerp, Belgium taught by Sam, it lasted 5 days. Man, this was just so very fun. First day seemed like it lasted only 2 hours, time just flew by (actually all days were from 9 AM to 6 PM). And I learned really a lot. I even had a nightmare on Monday night - I thought that it was already Friday, the class is over and I have to go home. What a relief it was to wake up…

The course was set up very well. We started on day 1 by creating our tools, sharpening engravers with correct angles and stuff, and then engraving plain straight lines, then curves, then little more complex lines and patterns. When 5th day ended we saw and tried out how to do different borders, script lettering, rosette, relief engraving, gold inlay and sculpting. Every new thing we learned relied on previous things, so it was really nice gradual and (relatively) fast paced learning week. Before this course I could barely engrave a straight line, after that I was doing quite well on scrolls and stuff. I especially liked relief engraving, because it created just such a beautiful effect. Also I tried to learn the relief engraving as much and as well as I could, because Sam said it is de facto requirement for high-end knife engraving and that's what I'd like to do. I really enjoyed watching Sam engraving - it's just so nice to see how a guy knows his stuff. Creating beautiful designs and executing these at such perfection and speed that's quite unfathomable to me. But hey, 30 years of experience if worth something!

I must also add that the thing that made this engraving week also so good was Sam himself. Just such a great personality. Very helpful, always answering patiently to students questions and explaining the answers over and over if needed, cheerful and a man with many interests. Extremely interesting personality. I hope that some day I could attend the Advanced Engraving class too"

Viljo Marrandi

"Sam, I cannot say enough great things about what I gained from your personal beginning engraving class and your and Abigail's company last week. I arrived as a real engraving beginner and left being able to do clean straight cuts, some good bright cuts, scrolls, letters, stippling, borders and a whole range of other techniques...after just five days! It would have taken me many months/years to get this far on my own and without the GRS equipment otherwise. You've given me a great deal to stay busy with when I returned home.

One of the most helpful things to me was your familiarizing me with all the equipment from the get-go. That included helping me understand the Silair air compressor. I returned home and was immediately able to see that I'd not filled mine with oil as much as I should have. I did that and now it's just fine. Also your advice on photography and the business end of engraving and jewelry have been taken to heart. I returned home with the priority of setting up for photographing my work and getting it out in front of the public. You went way beyond engraving techniques for me and I highly appreciate that, really.

You are truly a great teacher. Your diagrams and explanations may it very easy for me to understand what I needed to do. You were right there to answer questions or provide further demonstrations when I needed it. The handouts you provided will be great guides back in my own workshop.

On the hospitality and friendship side of things, I feel I've made two fast new friends in you and Abigail. We just clicked. You made me feel comfortable in your home and workshop. Any self-consciousness on my part dissipated quickly the first morning as I got to know both of you. I felt comfortable enough to let my talkative and silly side out. That felt really good.

All in all, I know I'll stay in contact and take future classes with you in Emporia.

All the best,
Karen O'Brien"

"Sam, I thoroughly enjoyed your class last week in Emporia. I feel great about my
newly acquired knowledge and hope to turn it into "skills" before long. I
just found your web site and am adding it to my favorites. I expect I will
be visiting it regularly. My wife and daughter were quite impressed with
the work I brought home. Again, thanks for a great week."

Terry LeFebvre

"Sam, Thank you for your time and hospitatlity. It was a priviledge to be under your guidance and instruction. I especially enjoyed working on our pieces together. Coming back to my bench, I realize the impact of your teachings, I've made improvements with shading and learning the better use of my gravers.

I will work hard to make the best of all that you have you taught me. I will forward you pictures of the pieces that I make. I look forward to keeping in touch."

Hamo Donigian

"Sam: thank you for a VERY rewarding week. I feel that you gave me some good thing that makes me think about new things concerning the mix of stone-setting and
engraving that might end up in some nice pieces.

In your DVD's you use the American expression "the best thing since sliced
bread" and I have to say your all wrong! It is YOU as a teacher, the way you reached everyone regardless of the persons level or lack of the English language, you take each and every one to a new level

Magnus Jensen, instructor, Spot On Education, Sweden

[Note: Magnus attended my July 2006 engraving course at the Alexandre School in Antwerp, Belgium]

"One of the other things I admire about you, Sam, besides your great artisty and skills, is your natural willingness to be encouraging to others, and to be willing to see with such an open mind. There is something about you that can get excited by other approaches ... when they work, and to let us know that it is okay to try a new idea and fail. You and I like to embrace the computer as a new tool to the degree that it forwards our respective crafts and allows the human heart to continue to lead. Yes, there is wisdom when they say, "To understand, you must stand under the master", yet it is rare to find a skilled master who can seize upon a small corner of the student's approach and fan the flame of creativity with an encouragement that will both build a student's self esteem and encourage she/he to look inwards and outwards in forwarding their craft. And, you do it so naturally!

You are an inspiring and friendly teacher and your communications are delivered on a nice level playing field that helps to let others awaken the all-important ... yes, I can!

You are a young man, yet you have a native wisdom beyond your years. I do not say this lightly, as I have done a lot of different things in my life including teaching others about my own craft, and so I have earned my right to speak in these matters.

Yours aye!"

Roderick Cameron

Note: Rod Cameron is a world renowned builder of custom baroque flutes. He has a workshop in Mendocino, CA and one in his native Scotland. He has scaled mountains in Greenland and received a engineering doctorate from Cambridge. Click here to read more about this interesting fellow!

"Sam:Just wanted to thank you for a marvelous learning experience.  It is always fun to watch those who are expert enough to make a demanding and difficult task easy.  In your case, it was two tasks, teaching and dispensing beginner's tools in engraving.  You made them both look easy.
Am in the process of setting up an engraving station so that I can get
my 25 hours in.  Seriously, it is so rewarding and so much fun.  I see opportunities for engraving everywhere.  By that I mean that all sorts of "images" now look like they "need" to be engraved.
Very best wishes to you."
Waldemar A Schmidt, PhD, MD, FCAP, FASCP
President, Cascadia Medical Consultants, PC

"Sam: I've been reading the testimonials of your other students and think they're saying exactly what I have experienced last week in your class.

I agree with Eric Sullivan, taking this engraving class has been one of the most fun and rewarding things I have done in years.  It is an honor to have Sam Alfano as a teacher, who is one of the most giving people I have ever met.  In the last past twenty years I have not met anybody with your skill level willing to give his time to teach engraving.

When I first walked into your studio, I thought this is going to be one step to big for me. I never believed I would leave there with such a new passion and with that much success and happiness.

Thank you for a unique, fulfilling experience. I hope I will progress with the things I have learned from you and see you soon in your advanced class."
Andy Maschke, saddle maker

"What a wonderful week it was! You and the beginning engraving course exceeded my biggest expectations. I was amazed at your ability, both as an engraver and teacher."
Bill Albers

"Just wanted to drop a quick email to say "Thanks!" for a great class. I can't imagine having any better teacher to get me started out. Thanks again--it was a blast!"
Dave Ball, banjo builder

"Taking this engraving class has been one of the most fun and rewarding things I have done in years. Sam Alfano is one of the most giving people I have ever met. It is truly a blessing to have an engraver of his skill level willing to give his time to teach engraving. When I first walked in our classroom I was amazed. I couldn't believe all of the new equipment, it was like a dream. Anything we needed was there. Glendo Corp. really has something special. I was treated like a king, all the way from my instructor to the sales staff. It is easy to see that everyone likes what they do and that makes it easy to work with you. Bottom Line - This is the most fun that I have ever had and I can't wait to take another class. By the way - I learned something."

Eric Sullivan - First Quality Music Supply

"Sam: Eric and I could not believe how enjoyable your beginner engraving class was. You make learning easy and fun. I will always treasure the week we spent in Emporia. You certianly got us on the right road and now the rest is up to us.

Your friend, Bill Sullivan"

Bill Sullivan - First Quality Music Supply

"Sam, Again I have procrastinated in thanking you for sharing your expertise in the Advanced Class I took in October. Since that time, I have successfully inlaid gold on a nickel silver knife sent to me by a friend in New York, and have just finished inlaying gold on a knife generously given to me by my husband. I am now in the process of relieving and then shading that knife. The "secrets" of master engraving that you shared with all of us are equal to years of trial, error, and frustration. The more engraving I do, the more I appreciate the value of this unselfish instruction. You're the best.
Thank you."
Marian Sawby - 2002 Advanced Engraving Class
Check out a sample of Marian's engraving

"The richness and beauty of my enamel art has increased tenfold since I took Sam's course. His clean artistic style and sense of humor were instrumental to my understanding of the process of engraving.
Kelly A. Stowe, 2002 Basic Engraving Class

"I am really pleased with the quality of instruction I received at GRS! Sam's demonstrations were excellent! He took the time to make sure everyone understood what he was teaching. The classroom environment was very relaxed and friendly.
Serina Taug, 2002 Basic Engraving Class

"This is a wonderful class. The cost is minimal for the education you receive. The quality of instruction by far exceed my expectation. Sam's the best!"
Shannon Calloway, 2002 Basic Engraving Class

"Having an expecting heart, I often am let down. But my expectations of the engraving class taught by Sam Alfano has inspired me to see my unlimited potential. The experience has elevated my artistic skills. Sam introduces new skills and techniques to better any artist's work."
Roberto C. Gonzalez, 2002 Basic Engraving Class

"I loved it! It was fun and fabulous for the second time. Sam is a natural teacher."
Erica Courtney, 2002 Basic Engraving Class

"I cannot wait to come back for the advanced course. It's hard for a small jeweler to get away for a week,  but even if I have to shut down the store I will be back next year."
Bill Reidsema, 2002 Basic Engraving Class

"After attending Mr. Alfano’s April 2002 Basic Engraving class, I was anxious and excited to get home, order the GraverMax and get busy engraving. This class sets the bar very high and makes the student want to achieve. Sam Alfano is most assuredly a master engraver, but also a gifted teacher. Now, after almost four months of engraving nearly every day, I can say with confidence that Sam’s class is definitely the best possible place to start. For one intensive week you will move from bewilderment, through frustration to real excitement when the “light” finally comes on! Having been involved in the jewelry industry my whole life (I am a third generation jeweler/gemologist) I have been privileged to admire many beautiful hand-engraved pieces. I still marvel at the skill of those fine craftsmen and am amazed to think that I will be able to produce fine engravings also. Begin here – this class is fantastic! 

Shanna Hawk Moran, GG (GIA), April 2002 Basic Engraving Class

"This has been one of the most informative classes I have been associated with.  Mr. Alfano can help a student understand the most complex parts of engraving, and always talks on your level, not above you. To put it in a nutshell, if I can do and learn what I did in a week, anyone can."Buddy Visser, April 2002 Basic Engraving Class

"Sam is a very pleasing, personable guy. The class was well at ease which made the learning environment excellent.  I feel I cut the learning curve so much by taking this class and that it has boosted my confidence. " Yves Halliburton, April 2002 Basic Engraving Class [NOTE] Yves is a furniture builder and designer for Gulfstream Aircraft.

"I came to this class never having touched a graver.  I learned so much in this class that I'm still trying to absorb it all.  Sam is the best teacher I've ever had."Lisa R. Sampson, April 2002 Basic Engraving Class

"Considering I've never engraved before, taking Sam's engraving class was really a blessing.  His professionalism and friendliness made it easy to learn.  There I'm confident that with practice I will be a good engraver. Thanks, Sam, you've been a great help and instructor. There's no one else I would rather study under after experiencing your class."Madai Zieverink, April 2002 Basic Engraving Class

Dear Sam, 
I want to thank you for the incredible time I had at your engraving class. There was so much to absorb that I even dreamed about what I was working on in my sleep. Your thoroughness and ability to make the techniques seem so simple made everyone in the class feel accomplished when they left. As a custom jeweler my attention to detail has become even more acute. I'm even more excited to say that I am using my new found skills in my work. I recently engraved a platinum wedding band (matching the pattern of a family heirloom) and a platinum engagement ring. I Used the running leaf border on the sides of the engagement ring and a modified version on the top. The total charge for the engravings alone was enough to pay for the class tuition. In case you forgot, I won your "Golden Graver Award" which currently sits atop my bench where it offers continuous motivation and fond memories. I'm looking forward to taking your advanced class sometime next year, so please keep me informed of your class schedule. Thanks again for everything!!!

Rick Sanders
Feb. 2002 Basic Engraving Class


I hope you will forgive me for taking so long to send accolades for the terrific class you taught in October. I have constructed many letters in my mind, but have spent little time at the computer since we purchased our GraverMax. We decided to order one shortly after I returned home, so that I would not forget too much of what I had learned. 

The more I practice and learn, the more valuable your instruction has become. I am so impressed with the choice of material you presented, which was more than adequate for the complete novice to be successful and for the more experienced students to achieve remarkable results. As one of those individuals who had absolutely no art or craft training of any kind, I appreciated the concern and cheerful assistance you provided. You seem to share one of my basic philosophies of teaching that there is no such thing as a stupid question. I thank you for that. After the five days of practice and instruction, I left with enthusiasm for engraving and with enough basic skills to motivate me to learn more.

I have taken over one hundred semester hours of graduate work, and your engraving class was the best class that I have taken. You selected challenging projects, expertly modeled technique, and encouraged us to succeed. In addition to your well-deserved title of "master engraver" you have earned the title of "master teacher" as well. 

Thank you so much, 

Marian Sawby
October 2001 Basic Engraving Class

"Sam is a great engraver and teacher and will teach you what you need to know. He is very helpful even if you wish specific instruction for your special needs, e.g. jewelry engraving, gun engraving, or even pewter." James Tuttle, October 2001

"Thank you! Not only are you a gifted engraver, you are also a gifted instructor. The course was even better than my expectations, and they were high!! I felt very comfortable even as a rookie, with people who were already cutting metal. I hope to be back for the advanced class soon." Sherry Nichols, gunsmith - October 2001

"Awesome! Loved it! Very informative, professional, and engaging." Erica Courtney, Jewelry Designer - October 2001

"Thank you very much great master Sam. It was a fantastic week that went so fast. I got so much knowledge and joy to engrave with you. Your engraving is so perfect and that gives me so much inspiration.  Last I want to say thank you for your patience. P.S. I have so many new fantastic friends." Michiko Englund, engraver - Stockholm, Sweden - October 2001

"Sam's class made me realize all the possibilities and opportunity available to people with a desire to engrave. I'm very happy with my time spent." Jody Muller, knifemaker - Advanced Class - October 2001

"After 3 different schools with several instructors, I have to say that Sam's class has been the most informative. His enthusiasm for engraving is really contagious. I would recommend his course to anyone no matter their level of experience." Jack Greenwade - Advanced Class - October 2001

"Best course I have ever taken. Very clear, professional, and no secrets to hide." Joe Cera, Jeweler - Advanced Class - October 2001

"I have taken 2 classes from Sam, and every time my skill levels and craftsmanship has improved dramatically. Sam is a fantastic engraver and he is an even better instructor. He loves teaching and the attention he gives to individual students is great. I look forward to attending his next class." Michael Von Krenner - Advanced Class - October 2001

"As a student long ago I had some engraving experience. This class with Sam has shown me how much I didn't know and has opened my eyes to the many possibilities. The course has given me the confidence to believe that I can become a good engraver with some hard work and dedication. I have learned enough to go home and work on my own. I hope to attend additional classes in the future." Bette Lee Walker - Oct. 2001

"Sam in an excellent instructor! He transfers skills, techniques, and enthusiasm with a zest and zing that is lacking in many other courses." Gary R. Hartshorn - Oct. 2001

"Sam had each student comfortable and at ease within the first hour. His experience and instructing abilities are second to none. Sam instantly became a trusted friend." Ed Lary, knifemaker - Oct. 2001

"Sam's class was truly a testimonial of a true professional, yet a professional who can work with a novice. Such a sense of humor and never intimidating no matter what your level of skill." - Cheryl A. Koloshinsky - Oct. 2001

"With smiles and encouragement, Sam transformed me from a man who has never engraved, to a man who thinks he can engrave anything." - John Gifford - Sept. 2001

"Sam Alfano, I believe, possesses one of those rare talents. A most highly accomplished artist in hand engraving while also being able to convey his knowledge in a most generous and flexible manner to suit the individual student's needs.  I'm a jewelry designer (20 years plus) with the highest gemological certification possibly attained. While also having successfully completed two bachelor's degrees, one in fine arts/design. I believe my experiences quantify/qualify my opinion of, and gratitude towards, Sam's abilities and excellence." - Jeffrey A. Bauer, G.G. - Sept. 2001

"Sam's teaching at GRS was beyond reproach. Sam was thoughtful will students and skill levels. Was able to work with all students and help all alike. I would highly recommend this class to all beginners and advanced students as well. Thank you for your time and skill. It really shows that you love engraving and love to teach." - Glen Cook - Sept. 2001

"Sam, thanks for the great week. I hated for it to end. The sharing of knowledge and experience is much appreciated. The group was fun to work with and it was great to watch each other as we progressed. Thanks a million." - "Whiskers" Allen, knifemaker - Sept. 2001

"Sam is phenomenal! Besides being a master engraver, he is an excellent instructor - encouraging comments, readily accepting suggestions and patiently guiding our unskilled hands and minds." - Jack Wimer, former college professor - Sept. 2001

"As someone who came into your class with no prior experience or knowledge  on the subject of engraving, I was a little apprehensive as to how quickly I would absorb the subject matter, and feel comfortable with the tools and equipment. Within an hour of beginning class, I knew that I could handle the tools and equipment, but more importantly that Sam is the type of instructor that assures his students understand and are able to follow through with subject matter." Laura E. Cadiz-Pau - Sept. 2001

"I had no engraving experience whatsoever before attending the GRS engraving workshop with Sam Alfano as its instructor. 'Instructor' would not describe Sam. Brilliant, methodical, warm, and enthusiastic are but a few words that define the genius within the man...the Master.  If engraving is your interest, Sam Alfano is where you start. GRS is the place. I did, and I'm on my way." Jim Paris - Sept. 2001

"I didn't come to this class to become an engraver, I wanted to optimize my gravers for jewelry work. Sam let me work on my own projects, and I left Emporia with a gorgeous ring for my wife.  I hope I can retain 1/5 of what I learned in all the demonstrations. Sam is a first class engraver, teacher, and person." Patrick Andrist, jeweler - Sept. 2001

"I had a good time and enjoyed the intense learning curriculum of the class with Sam Alfano and the other students. Sam is an inspirational instructor who brings out the best as well as offering support which makes it a pleasure to work with him." -Rolf Friberg, Sweden - Sept. 2001

"Know matter what standards exist here in the U.S., Sam Alfano is in my, and many other people's opinions, a Master Engraver. He is also a great teacher who is ready and willing to share his knowledge of his 25 years of experience." -Rick Simmons - Sept 2001

"Excellent and thorough instruction from a gifted engraver. Do you want to learn from a master engraver? Talk to Sam Alfano." - Jim Smith, jeweler - July 2001

"Sam Alfano's engraving class is superb. The technical information is well organized and concisely presented. The instructor's personal expertise and instructional energy enable him to teach with a rare combination of enthusiasm and technical excellence. I highly recommend this class to anyone who would like to bring precision and beauty to their own work." - Linda Moughemer, jeweler, July 2001

"Just a personal note to thank you for the most enjoyable learning experience in a long time. Your enthusiasm, intelligence, openness, immense knowledge, and willingness to share and learn are marks not commonly seen in the world today." - Russ Copping, Master Jeweler, July 2001 

"My experience with GRS in the classroom with Sam Alfano was wonderful. Sam is a great teacher and knows a lot about what he does. There were things I wanted to try and he let me. Glass engraving is not part of the class but he let me try and helped me. I highly recommend taking this class and I'm probably going to come back myself."  - Wendy Waggenspack, age 18

"Sam Alfano's work has inspired me ever since I started engraving. His knowledge,  professionalism, and his experience has brought me to very high new levels. Now that I have taken his advanced class I feel as if the sky is the limit. Thank you, Sam!"  - Rich Hambrook - engraver, Browning Firearms Co. - July 2001

"I have been a professional educator for over 30 years, and I have observed that Sam used excellent pedagogical techniques and instructional strategies. He was very tactful as he provided constructive criticism of our work." - Charlotte Wolf, Ph.D.

"Words cannot express the admiration of the skills that Sam taught in this class. He's an exceptionally gifted teacher and craftsman. I will be returning more than once to this class." 
- Bridget Lippold

"Having been a student of Sam's in both the beginning and advanced engraving classes, I would not hesitate to return again, or recommend his instruction to anyone who wants to learn engraving. The course is very well planed to give the student solid basic skills followed by advanced techniques many engravers never learn on their own. Sam's teaching technique is always encouraging and extremely clear in conveying the subject to the student. Class size is such that each student gets as much personal attention as they need. The amount of knowledge Sam shares is more than most engravers accumulate on their own in many years. There is simply no other engraving course that compares in terms of quality and quantity of instruction, especially with one of the worlds great engravers at the helm."
- Bailey P. Bradshaw

"I have attended three (3) engraving classes at GRS Glendo, and I am happy to endorse Sam's class as the one in which I learned the most useful skills. In 
the first few days, Sam was immensely patient with his students, and made 
sure they understood each technique before continuing on. By the third or 
fourth day, he assessed the various levels of skill in his students, and then 
helped each to excel to their full potential for the rest of the class. I 
highly recommend him as an instructor. He covered all the skills you need to 
get started in the art of hand engraving."
- David Long 

"Sam Alfano is one of the rare people in this world who enjoy teaching as much as performing their craft, and are good at it. Sam is an awesome craftsman, which shows up in his work, and the joy he feels in teaching is vividly expressed in his classes. He is very patient and will answer any question, or do anything to help you grasp a technique or concept, and he is great with positive encouragement. I had taken one engraving class before his and learned a lot. Then taking Sam's class, my skills jumped tenfold with his encouragement and guidance. I look forward to taking more of Sam's classes."
- Michael von Krenner

"I had studied many engravers and knew exactly the type of engraving I
wanted to learn, and what I wanted to learn Sam taught it all and then some.
Sam has a presentation in the class that will please all. If it's true that a man's greatness is measured by what he leaves to grow, Sam should be among the greatest."
- Mike Lake

"My first experience engraving was in Sam's beginner class. It was everything I could have hoped and much much more. Sam's presentation as a teacher is clear, concise and straightforward. He is patient and works with each student to make certain that everyone is learning, and advancing at the quickest rate possible for them individually. It is rare to find a teacher who can share and explain their knowledge in several ways, making sure that every person can grasp the concepts completely. I enjoyed it so much I signed up for another one!" 
- Payson Cooper

Dear Sam: Thank you so much for a great educational program last fall on engraving. I had never done any engraving before and was amazed at how much I learned in that 5 days. It is rare to find to find someone like you who can present material in a logical and clear manner. You also presented the information is a logical progression so one task built on the prior task. There was plenty of time for hands on experience so I had plenty of time to experiment and ask you questions right then when I was having the problem. As you know, you had to kick me out at the end of the day - I was just having too much fun to leave. Thanks for a fun time and a lot of practical 
instruction on engraving. If you need a reference for anyone interested in taking your class, I would gladly give them a strong endorsement. Thanks 
again. -Dianne FIsher Kroll

"Sam's engraving course is well worth your time and money. It's a rare opportunity to learn from a master in the art of engraving. The skills I've learned are sure to add even more value to my handmade guitars. Thanks Sam!" - Don Allain, luthier - April 2001 [NOTE] Don makes some of the finest handmade guitars you've ever seen!

"This class was outstanding and exceeded my expectations. Sam was friendly and willing to answer any questions individual students had that related to their field of interest. Sam is a perfectionist, and gives lots of demonstrations on his skills and talents. The class is down-to-earth and fun. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in learning quality engraving." - Dennis McConnel [NOTE] Dennis came all the way from Sterling, Alaska to attend this class.

"I thoroughly enjoyed Sam Alfano's engraving class. Sam's a master and he loves to share! His enthusiasm for engraving is infectious. I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in learning engraving." - Donna Shimazu - April 2001 [NOTE] Donna is a MASTER JEWELER and flew in from Hawaii to attend this class. Her jewelry work is exquisite!

"This class put the information and skills in my hand that I had long desired. Sam is a clear speaking straight-to-the-point instructor that in itself is worth its weight. My tool fabrication abilities have gained new "angles" that will give me what it takes to make the cut...pardon the pun." - Wade Hendrickson