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Abigail photographing elk

Photographing Elk

Abigail photographing a bull elk in Colorado with the 500mm f4.


Firmo Fracassi

With the great Firmo Fracassi in his studio. October 1984.

Salt Creek Band

Salt Creek

My old band in the 70s. We played together 9 years.

Coffeehouse Pickin'

Evangeline's Coffeehouse

Open mic night.

FEGA show 1985

FEGA Show 1985

Displaying guns from New Orleans Arms Co at the FEGA show. Photo courtesy of Sam Welch.

Engraving circa 1980

Engraving circa 1980

I believe this is the earliest photo of me engraving. My reloading bench was transformed in to an engraving bench. I am using a GRS Gravermeister in this photo.

Photo Manipulation

Photo Manipulation

A little Photoshop job from a few years ago.

Delicious Chicken Foot

Chicken Foot

Not bad, really. While in China I ate chicken feet twice a day for 8 days.

Rich Sam!

Turkish Lira

For a minute I thought I was rich.

Winston Churchill

Winston Chruchill

The greatest engraver American has ever known.

Phil Grifnee

Phil Grifnee

One of Belgium's best, and a very prolific engraver of international fame.

Don Glaser

Don Glaser

Brilliant inventor and founder of GRS. This is Don doing a western style demonstration for one of my engraving classes years ago.